It is the fall of 2011.

A popular but divisive Tea Party senator wants to be the next President of the United States.

A former Black Panther, after 36 years in prison, hopes to rebuild his fallen organization.

And two young Occupy activists - Michael and Kate - wake up together in a hotel room, unable to remember how they got there.

While piecing together clues from the previous night, they discover a controversial video recording that, if released to the public, could determine the outcome of the 2012 presidential election.

But as these four characters chase down their individual dreams of revolution, they unwittingly open a Pandora's box of hidden motives and desires that, once unleashed, threaten to destroy everything they've set out to accomplish.

UNBOUND examines the intersection of race, sex, and power by posing the following question: "How far are we willing to go in our quest for a more perfect Union?"


The Ovation Award-winning IAMA THEATRE COMPANY presented the world premiere of UNBOUND, written by me and directed by Jennifer Chambers.

The show ran from October 29 through Sunday, November 27 at the Hudson Backstage Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

The Cast of UNBOUND featured Gates McFadden (EST/LA, "Star Trek: The Next Generation), Laila Ayad ("Scandal," Gruesome Playground Injuries), Chris Gardner ("Oz," "Law & Order") and Ellis E. Williams (Broadway: Once on This Island, South Coast Rep/Pasadena Playhouse; August Wilson's Jitney, receiving the 2013 LA Drama Critics Award).  



“Combined with wild political insights about the nature of sex, race and power Watson proves he is a playwright with promise as he plumbs the depths of profound issues while taking us along on a riveting ride with unexpected switchbacks.” Ed Rampell, Hollywood Progressive

“It takes talent to juggle political activism, sexual tension, and a highly suspenseful thriller plot, but playwright D.G. Watson has done it. His compelling drama hits an almost astonishing number of dynamic points with a deceptive ease that belies nuances of philosophy and morality. Unbound charts how idealism quickly rots into corruption–and how cynicism can easily morph into something more darkly cruel.” - Paul Birchall, Stage and Cinema

Unbound could easily become an American classic.” Suzanne Birrell, Discover Hollywood Magazine