The Tragedy: A Comedy

THE TRAGEDY: A COMEDY is a wholly immersive theatrical experience, centering around three literary/talent managers – Larry (Malcolm Barrett, “Timeless”), Lisa (Tina Huang, “Rizzoli & Isles”), and Derek (Brandon Scott, “Guerrilla”) who go on a psychedelic mushroom trip, hoping they’ll be struck with a brilliant idea that will save their failing business. Instead, the mushrooms reveal a chilling truth: their whole lives are the subject of a tragic play, with an audience of people watching their every move. As Larry slips deeper and deeper into his role as the tragic hero, Lisa and Derek undertake a mad quest to escape the confines of the play and save their friend. Greek goddesses, self-help cults, and inter-dimensional portals all set the stage for this interactive dark comedy about characters trapped inside a tragedy.

The world premiere of THE TRAGEDY: A COMEDY took place at The Zephyr Theatre in Los Angeles on November 10, 2017 and closed on December 3, 2017. The play was directed by Ahmed Best and produced by Ammunition Theatre Company.

After a near sold-out run with several standing-room-only performances, Ammunition Theatre Company remounted THE TRAGEDY: A COMEDY as a monthtly event at the Pico on March 8, 2018. Its final performance was on August 9, 2018.




The Tragedy: A Comedy, in a special engagement once-a-month at The Pico, is a very funny, bad-trip comedy. You might call it an inter-dimensional vision-quest. Fans of Terrence McKenna will be tickled by the R. Crumb treatment of drug experimentation; fans of Lovecraft will be thrilled by the conjuration of malevolent forces; prim narratologists — I know you’re out there — will be pleased to chloroform-and-pin a new specimen of meta-theatrics; while the rest of us, to judge from the audience at the April performance, will just laugh and laugh.” - Gray Palmer, Stage Raw

“I just sat there puzzled through most of it...” - Shari Barrett, Broadway World